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7 Tips For Marketing Yourself in the Gaming Industry

You are your own brand. Let that sink in. 

Your game credits, coupled with your skillset, are your currency. And like every good brand knows, marketing yourself well is of the utmost importance. 

But where should you start? LinkedIn? You could try that, but you would be wasting your time and energy in a big way. That’s just not where the professional games community hangs out. 

But they do hang out at Gamesmith– in fact, it’s a community made exclusively for game makers to connect with studios to land their dream gig. Come see for yourself- just remember us when you land that AAA job.

Getting into games can be intimidating. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here are the top 7 tips for marketing yourself in the gaming industry.

1. Blogs

Want proof that blogs work? You’re literally using one to get an edge on your marketing strategy right now. 

Blogs provide a focused medium for you to express the finer points of your experience and the value you’ll bring to a developer. Out of the 1.7 billion websites on the internet, over 600 million of them are blogs. And a blog can create almost 55% more web traffic to your site. Your brand. You.

Enough said.

2. Vlogs

If writing isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Vlogs provide a powerful alternate way to showcase your strengths and get your name out there. 

In today’s world, people love videos. They’ve quickly become one of most popular ways in which people digest information. A lot of companies are even moving towards video submission portions of job applications. If you think of each Vlog you produce as a sort of “digital interview” with potential employers and investors, you can’t go wrong. 

If you are new to video production, there are thousands of free tools and tutorials to get started. We suggest Davinci Resolve, which you can download HERE. 

3. YouTube

YouTube is a platform that, in our opinion, all developers should utilize. It is virtually impossible to overstate the exposure that Youtube can generate. 

What’s more, if you market yourself appropriately, there’s fantastic money-making potential through ad monetization, grassroots fundraising, or content subscriptions while you continue to improve your content and build out your brand. 

4. ArtStation

Image via ArtStation

Art is best experienced, not described. If you’re a game artist wanting to build a name for yourself, ArtStation is THE platform to start making waves. As the leading showcasing website for industry titans and upstart game artists across the globe, this is a place you want to be.

5. Discord

Discord is the world’s most popular text and voice chatting application. Odds are that if you’re in the gaming community, you’re probably on a few servers playing with others or sharing spicy memes. And while it used to just be a tool for better online gaming communication, Discord is now home to more than 250 million users who use its features for a variety of other communities and purposes. 

Why not make the leap and start using the platform to showcase your talents and add a powerful weapon to your marketing arsenal? You can connect with other game makers and see the latest job openings on our Discord server, which puts you front and center in the community. So why not join us and see how far it can take you?

6. Facebook Groups

1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups. That’s 23% of all humans. This should be a no-brainer. 

Tab over to the Groups section of your Facebook app, type in “gaming industry” on the search bar, and join the ones you like most! Use them to share articles, ask questions, and gain even more valuable resources from industry vets. You can thank us later. 

7. Gamesmith

Remember when I mentioned that LinkedIn isn’t where gaming professionals hang out? There are reasons for that. It’s crowded with every job industry on record, it can redirect to site after site for job applications, and the news feed isn’t a great place for niche community conversation. That’s where we come in.

Gamesmith is the number one platform on the internet to showcase your work, receive peer-verified credits for it, and find employment within the gaming industry. Ubisoft, Gearbox, Streamline– you name it, this is where the biggest names in the industry come to find their talent. 

If you’re interested in launching your networking capabilities into a new realm of potential that thrives in the modern world, we’ve got exactly what you need. Signing up is always free, easy, and one of the best ways to take your gaming career to the next level.

Gamesmith is the discovery platform for the professional games industry. Discover contacts and the knowledge you need to achieve your daily goals and KPIs in games. For more information, contact