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Video Game Companies in Baltimore

Baltimore is a major town in Maryland and also an independent city on the Southern side. It sits on an area of 238.4 km squared and has a population of 602,600 people. The city has 13 video game companies, and therefore you have a chance to work there. These companies have the best game  professionals in the world. Some of them include Matthew Fawcett, Alexandra Jacob, Gerald Broas, and Jacob Marklund.

Baltimore city experiences four seasons because it is on the East Coast. Spring in Baltimore is accommodative, and it’s the best time to be in the town. There is enough sunshine with mild  temperatures, and therefore you can engage in outdoor activities. However, you might experience a few  rainy days. The spring season in Baltimore runs between March and May.

After the spring comes summer, which is quite hot and humid, you will notice that many tourists visit the town mainly at this time and there are many festive activities. Summer is also the best time to do boat riding around the harbor. You will need to have enough t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, and sunscreens to cope with the summer heat, which runs from June to August. 

After summer comes the Fall season, which is also a perfect time to visit the town. The humidity is low,  as well as the temperatures. However, sometimes it may get cold, and you might need to have a sweater.  The fall season begins in September and goes all the way to November. 
In Baltimore, winter comes after Fall, and it can become icy, more so at night. In addition, it might be cold during the day, thus hindering people from being outdoors for fun. There is a lot of snow and ice and therefore you need to be ready with warm pants, coats, and sweaters. Winter begins in December, extending to February. 

The people around Baltimore are friendly and warm. The place is nice to live in, and it is not expensive. There are different types of communities, and therefore cultural blending is evident. There are many restaurants in the area, so you can’t miss a bite when breaking from the game studio.

Jobs On Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 
• Intermediate Unity programmer 
• Brand director 
• Associate product manager B1 
• Game economic designer 
• Technical artist 
• Senior graphics programmer 
• Engine build master Devop 

You can search for more jobs on the Gamesmith website.

Big Huge GamesBaltimoreDomiNationsMobile51-200
BreakAway GamesHunt ValleyCommand and Conquer: Kane’s WrathSimulation51-200
Bethesda Game StudiosRockvilleFallout 76, The Elder Scrolls VIPC/Consoles400+
Brinkbit, Inc.BaltimoreWaveform WipeoutPC/Mobile1-10
DIG-IT! GamesBaltimoreRoterraMobile1-10
Firaxis GamesHunt ValleyCivilizationPC/Consoles51-200
Mindgrub GamesBaltimoreJohnny SpeedMobile11-50
Mohawk GamesLuthervilleOffworld Trading CompanyPC/Consoles1-10
Oxide GamesTimoniumNitrous EngineTools1-10
Pure Bang GamesBaltimoreMUDPC/Consoles11-50
Sparkypants StudiosBaltimoreThe Elder Scrolls: LegendsPC/Consoles11-50
Wargaming Chicago-BaltimoreHunt ValleyWorld of Tanks, World of Warships, World of WarplanesPC/Consoles11-50
Zco CorporationBaltimoreGolflogix, InvisawearMobile
ZeniMax Online StudiosHunt ValleyThe Elder Scrolls OnlinePC/Consoles51-200