Meet the games industry’s legends – DICE Awards (Hall of Fame)

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D.I.C.E awards the hall of fame to those individuals who have helped in the development of some of the most influential games on the planet! These are the leaders in our industry, the most influential and demonstrate the highest level of creativity and innovation. Take time to check out their industry profiles and meet the winners.

How to get a job in Video Game Design

Having the chance to work in the video game industry is a dream job for many, especially game design jobs. It is something most gamers would love to do but how can one make it a reality? For those looking to score one of these dream game design jobs that are available, there are things you can do to increase your prospects.

How has Video Game Job Hunting Changed in the Pandemic?

The world has changed a lot since the Covid-19 pandemic began. More people than ever before have been working in remote jobs working from home including all types of video game professionals. Traditional job hunting methods have been forced to change and adapt to a new world.