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Gamesmith can help you find your next business opportunity, showcase your work and stay relevant in the games industry.

“Searchable online credits are your modern business card.”

They are your portfolio and your introduction to the wider world. Gamesmith is a place where the people of the games business can connect your game credits to you, explore your gaming industry experience and contact you.

“Gamesmith keeps me connected to the gaming industry and helps me easily network with game creators around the world.”

Joe McDonagh – Narrative Lead, Halo Infinite at 343 Industries

Peer to peer verification

Never get left out of game credits again. With our peer to peer verification system, you can verify your colleagues for their work and request them to verify you in return.

The higher your verification score, the higher you appear in search results. How many times have you heard stories of people being left out of credits because they left the company before the game was completed? Well, no more.

Gamesmith’s peer to peer verification system allows full control over your game credits and enables you and your colleagues to display your proudest achievements in games.