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What is Gamesmith and how do I use it?

Gamesmith is a discovery platform for professionals working within the game sector. You can use Gamesmith to claim and display credits for the games you have worked on, network and keep connected to the industry, find the right job and create professional relationships to further your career.

A complete Gamesmith profile will help the industry discover your work and create opportunities to showcase your work, skills, experience and showcase your unique professional story.

How to get started

1. Create your profile

A complete profile will showcase the games you have worked on or games that you have helped launch. It’s your chance to showcase your professional career.

In addition, a complete Gamesmith profile will aid connection and the discovery to current and future employers and recruiters.

2. Add your Game Credits

Look up game titles that you have worked on and join the team. Add as much information as possible about your involvement, as this will aid verification and profile discovery. If your game title has not been registered, you can add the game to the database.

3. Verify and get Verified

Verified member profiles receive more recognition and more opportunities. To verify a colleague’s work, simply search for a member, enter their profile, and confirm projects you know they contributed to. If you wish to request verification for your work, add a game title, then request verification from your profile page.

BTW: To remove any possible conflict of interest or manipulation, game professionals can verify other game professionals. Studios cannot verify or dispute.

Meaning if you left halfway through a project, been left off the credits or the game didn’t ship then you can still claim your credit and be verified by your team members. 


4. Find a job

 If you’re looking for a new opportunity, you can use Gamesmith to research studios, reach out to companies and discover exclusive opportunities within the industry.

You can apply directly for a role or notify recruiters that you are open to new opportunities by editing your profile.

5. Join The Community And Post Content

Gamesmith is constantly adding tools to help you join and engage with the community from Gamesmith Tribe to our Discord server.

Post content for the industry to read, join the chat, connect and network with members who share your interests, experiences, or aspirations.