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Studio Employees Are Quitting Instead of Giving Up Working From Home

Many game developers have embraced the fact that work from home is the new normal. Employers who want the employees to get back to the office are in shock at the response of their employees. The resistance from studio workers to return to offices will have some negative effects on studios. Many big companies such as Google, Microsoft and Electronic Arts, etc. offered great flexibility to those who want to continue their work from home. 

On the other hand, chief executives of some companies have praised the fruits of working from the office and showed their employees why it is important to come to the office. Some say that working from home increases complications in collaboration between employees. 

Companies that have years of culture and remote working can demolish the culture of teamwork by setting everyone apart from each other. On the contrary, employees have already learned the lesson that they can complete all their tasks from anywhere they want without wasting their time getting to and from the office by train or car. Some think that all those vaccine-hesitant workers are a constant threat to them in this situation. 

An Employee Statement

Some tolerant employers are keeping their policies relaxed as the situation of the coronavirus pandemic is showing signs of easing with the vaccination process at its peak.  An employee who resigned from her post a week said in an interview that some bosses of previous generations are keen to regain control over their employees to control them as their puppets and the key factor behind this mindset is their unfamiliarity with working from home. She further said that those bosses also think that their employees aren’t working if they can’t see them. 

Alex Churchill, the founder of the job-service and game developer community platform, Gamesmith, has said that:

Certain Studios we know have given a return date to their staff. The recruitment division of Gamesmith is closely working with those applicants who don’t want to return to work in the office anymore and they are actively searching for exclusive jobs that are work from home.

Alexander Churchill, Founder of Gamesmith

Adopting a hybrid work model when the pandemic ends is the priority of more than 70% of companies across America and Europe, according to a recent study. Employees may need to come to the office three days a week for a few hours and a half employees will come to the office on the first three days of the week while the other half will come on the remaining days. This will result in more progress as employees who are happy with their employers tend to work more effectively and efficiently, to help meet deadline deliverables. 

What does the Data Say?

A recent survey of 10 metro areas of America by famous security company Kastle Systems shows that only 28% of employees want to come back to their offices and quit working from home if given the choice. A survey conducted by Bloomberg about views of adults, millennials, and Gen Z showed that 39% of adults and 49% of millennials would prefer to quit their jobs if they do not get the option to remain as remote workers. 

Adaptation to the new normal is the key to success and employees are getting that because more than 36% of employers are posting for new jobs while offering working from home as an option on Gamesmith as compared to the 3.5% of jobs with such offers before the pandemic. A year ago, only 12% of game industry professionals were interested in remote opportunities which has increased to 25% of developers citing a fear for their health and safety amongst some of their reasons. With a 70% increase in job searches on the Gamesmith platform for all those positions on which work from home is possible. 

Why do Game Developers Want to Work From Home After the Pandemic?

Employees are prioritizing working from home instead of working from offices as they are finding they are able to optimize their work schedule around when the individuals are most productive and creative. Working around family commitments, with the ability of avoiding often long, expensive, stressful commutes. Creating the home office that best works for the individual, whether it is a bright or dark space, standing desk or around a coffee table. The distractions that some find from an open office space is removed but community interactions through Discord or Slack still allows the flow of ideas to work between teams and disciplines. 

Solution for Studios and How to convince your boss to allow remote working?

Adopting a hybrid work model when the pandemic ends is the priority of more than 70% of companies across America and Europe, according to a recent study. A popular compromise with employees coming to the office three days a week, staggered with other groups in the in-between days. This allows an old fashioned team integration  for company culture and creative discussions between disciplines, while reducing the need for a daily commute. A big advantage to the studio is not requiring such a large office space with hot swappable work stations, this should significantly reduce monthly peron hour costs within the development budget.

So how do you get there as an employee without looking for a new job? Express everything in front of your employer with transparency to request them to let you work from home before they make their official policy about remote working. Create a complete plan and talk to the management of your company and share all the details with them about your plans. Ask them if they have any concerns to clear their doubts and discuss any compromises. Highlight what you have achieved in the last year, deadlines met, quantity of features created, the reduced level of waste in thrown out placeholder work, a reduction of the number of bugs catalogues over a similar timeline or project in the past. Show stats of online chat and video communications between disciplines that allowed fixes or design improvements without the loss of productivity that moving around an office, or time spent organizing meetings that would work between peoples core hours would have allowed.

Advantages of Work from home 

Remote work or work from home can have a host of advantages for employees. It can balance their work life  while creating a more relaxed work environment. Here are our biggest advantages of working from home which is making the life of developers better while they help to make the studio more successful:

  • Better Work-Life Balance
  • Money Savings
  • Positive Environmental Impact

Better Work-Life Balance

Most remote working offers some level of flexible working schedule.  This allows you to schedule your day in the most productive way for you. This gives you the opportunity to attend to your family needs so that you can balance your personal life and office life to be present  where you are needed and can be most productive. Increased productivity and performance. You will have fewer potential interruptions which should help to increase your productivity and creativity. A boost in productivity and performance benefits the studio. This all leads to a happier, healthier work life.

If you reach your office in 25 minutes, you spend more than 100 hours commuting each year. What can you make use of all that extra time? Remote workers are happier. Employees have time for their hobbies and interests outside of work.

Money Savings

An average employee can also save more than $4000 while working from home without the need to spend money on professional clothing which is less of a concern within the games industry, but outside food, parking fees, transportation, maintenance of the vehicle, and gas expenses. Long-term cost saving will result in big savings for the employee as well as potential costs of perks that the studio does not need to budget for, meals, snacks and drinks etc.

Remote working jobs are not limited to a geographic location and job seekers who cannot move to a specific location for whatever reason opt for work from home jobs. Not needing to move near your office can potentially help you save your money by simply avoiding high cost of living locations. Enjoy the job you love the most while staying in an area that best works for you. 

Positive Environmental Impact

Millions of employees drive their cars to their offices every day but work from home can reduce this number to a few hundred thousand meaning the greenhouse gas emission is reduced as compared to last year. We have seen this already in places like Los Angeles with improved air quality. 

Tips to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

Here are 4 tips that you can follow to maximize the working from home model:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Choose a dedicated place for work
  • Avoid all distractions
  • Provide progress reports to management

Flexible working hours

Follow a routine that allows you to be your most productive. If that is working early in the morning, to get most of your daily work done before the whole world even wakes up, without having to get up too early to manage a commute, that extra sleep is a healthy life improvement that will help boost your productivity. Do you need to get the kids to school and work a little later? Do that without the need of a nanny, or paying for early childcare before school. 

Create a complete schedule of your work hours. This can help you set a boundary on when you start working and will you need to finish the work. If your daily work is done,  you don’t need to keep working just because you are at your computer. It will help reduce the need and feeling of crunch. 

Just because you are not at the office, do not forget to take a break every now and again. Get a short walk around the garden, make a coffee, whatever that will give your eyes a break from monitor strain. Go out for lunch, or make your own, but do not feel you need to work through lunch because you are at home. It will help recharge your batteries.

Choose a dedicated place for work

Secure your corner is a saying that means that there will be someplace in your home where your productivity is boosted due to a clarity of space. Try to turn that place into your dedicated office which sets a boundary from family interruptions. 

Collect everything that you need such as stationary, hardware, computers, your office toys. Having a door that you can close often really helps set a boundary, but do what works best for you. 

Avoid all distractions

Social media apps are often the biggest reason for distractions so put your phone on silent mode or  stop notifications to stop yourself from using your phone whenever a new notification comes up. Other distractions such as leaving your workspace without a real need can break your chain of thought and reduce your productivity.

Provide progress reports to the management

Keep your producer updated about your work progress so they can be sure that you can meet your deliverable deadlines. Provide them with a quick insight about your daily goals while trying to avoid sending too many emails. When you are not physically present in the office, your words can be your only representatives and your response time can be measured, that will tell them whether you are working or possibly being distracted.

Measure your performance, or ask a colleague such as your team lead or producer to check your daily progress and check in rate to see if you are performing on par with your team./ This can also help maintain self motivation and keep productivity up.

Your Gamesmith Profile?

Your profile will be the first thing an employer will look at, so try to include all of your relevant development history in your Gamesmith profile. 

Add job titles and all of your skill sets with software and platforms etc to your profile in a few simple steps.

Add credits of all of your games to your profile, complete their details then get these verified by your peers.

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