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Students meet studios. Studios meet students.

With networking events cancelled, Gamesmith has released tools to help Students meet Studios directly.

Create your student profile

Create your student profile

• Create your free profile on Gamesmith
• Add your university’s name and course attending/ed.
• Add as much detail as you can.
• Upload your best work, portfolio, CV etc.
• Add links to blogs, Vlogs, videos, prototype games etc.

Open to Internship

Over 1500 game studios and recruiters use Gamesmith daily to spot for talent and teams.

Make sure you mark your profile as “Open To Internship.”

You will now appear on studio searches.

Gamesmith will promote all profiles looking for internships to Studios.

Build your connections

Gamesmith has been designed to help you identify and connect with the right people to help you find the knowledge you need to help you achieve your goals.

Network and connect with over 200,000 game professionals. Reach out to industry leaders and ask for advice.

Research Studios

Start off by researching studios near your location using Gamesmith Dev Map.

Once identified, you can then further research Studios using Gamesmith Studio Pages.

Identify what platform, what size, location and games shipped. See if they are of interest.

Message Studios Directly

Save time and message studios directly from Gamesmith.

The studios in turn will then examine your Gamesmith profile, so make sure your profile is complete.

Be bold, try contacting studios speculatively. If there are no internships, ask for volunteer or freelance work.

Browse jobs

Finally, browse the Gamesmith jobs page.

You will receive bi-weekly jobs update of all studios looking plus more and more freelance roles are appearing as our industry changes their hiring habits.

This is an opportunity you can take. Freelance can be seen as a test to full-time.

Stay in touch in real-time with us.