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Video Game Companies in London, Ontario

London Ontario is found in Canada along the corridors of Quebec City. It is seated on an area of 420KM  squared and has a population of 383,800 people. There are six game companies in the city and an equal  number of studios. These companies have game professionals, and you would be lucky to work with  them. 


The weather in London is unpredictable, and you might be surprised to see a resident carrying a sun hat  and an umbrella at the same time. However, it doesn’t get to the extreme. Spring in London comes with  warm, cold and damp days. The season features seven touches of frost. However, spring doesn’t stay for  long. You will love the summer days in London since the weather is usually dry and best for being outdoors. This season runs from June to August. After summer, the winter season comes in, which is cold  but not like the neighbors. At times, there are snowfalls. Winter is full of rain and cold, and therefore one  needs to be armed with warm clothes. 

Cost of Living 

London Ontario is not expensive, and therefore you don’t need to break a bank to live there.  Nevertheless, you must be keen on the lifestyle you choose more so if you are new. Housing cost is  affordable, and with $ 1000, you can get a studio in a well-connected area. In addition, you can find  cheaper houses but in the city’s interior but it would take you hours to get a bus or a train. The cost of  food in a day would cost you around $ 120, and it includes everything you need for a balanced diet. Also,  transport is cheap, more so if you chose to use the train. 


The community in London, Ontario, is not that big and therefore, there is a strong bond of togetherness.  The residents know each other and are always willing to offer support whenever needed. The city is  diversified, and this allows you to relate with more people. There are many eateries and food joints  where you get to enjoy the local and international delicacies as you make friends with people from all  over the region. It also plays hosts to many concerts and shows, and therefore entertainment is in plenty.  There are also so many sites for outdoor activities. Some of the everyday activities in the town include  stand-up paddleboarding, golf courses, scuba and snorkeling, hiking, among others. There are also  attraction parks and museums where you can escape after a long week of game work. 


London is significant, and that allows it to have several transport options. You can choose to ride a bike,  walk, drive or take a bus around the town. There are many buses in the city connecting to all corners. 
The schedules of the buses keep on changing, but you can never be stranded. The buses also  accommodate people with disabilities. With its well-outlined bike lanes, the city has registered a large  number of cycles. In addition, there are enough parks where one can leave their bikes and get to the  office. Other means of transport include taxis, trains, and air travel for those covering long distances. 

Job Offers As Listed By Gamesmith 
• Technical Designer 
• Lead 3D artist in PC and console 
• PC/Console Senior unreal programmer 
• B1 associate product manager 
• Brand director 
• 3D environment artist 
• Experienced level designer 

All the above positions are full-time, and there are more details about each position on the website.

Big Viking GamesLondonTiny Kingdoms, Fish WorldSocial, Mobile11-50
Big Blue BubbleLondonDark Incursion, Hamster CannonPC/Consoles, Mobile51-200
Digital ExtremesLondonPlains of EidolonPC/Consoles51-200
HalfbotLondonBullet AgeMobile1-10
Tactic StudiosLondonImmortal EmpirePC/Consoles?
Tiny Titan StudioLondonTiny RailsMobile11-50
Blacksmith StudiosLondonDesolate Sands, Camp GrizzlyPC1-10