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Video Game Companies in Madison

Madison is found in Wisconsin state and it the second-largest city in the state. The town is growing pretty fast and has a population of 258,000 people. Madison was named after the fourth president of America, and it covers an area of 262 KM squared. The city has nine companies and an equal number of studios. Before making your application, here are several things you need to understand about Madison. 


The temperature levels in Madison vary. It might be favorable some days and too hot during summer.  The hottest months in the City are June, July and August. However, there might be high humidity at  times, thus making it uncomfortable for you. October and September are usually dry, and it’s hard to  experience rain at that time. April, March and February come with a lot of wind with up to 14 knots. 

Cost of Living 
The cost of living in this town is calculated against the national average, which is usually 100%. For  example, the housing and utilities expenses are 9% higher compared to the national average.  Transportation and gas expenses take 7%. This means that if you get a medium home, you will pay rent  that amounts to $ 1,100 per month. Food and groceries will cost you $ 13, while health care costs depend on what is ailing you. 


Madison is rich culturally, and it is one of the few cities where urban life blends with authentic culture.  The town is full of humble and kind people who will never pass a stranger without saying hello to them.  People of different cultures mingle with ease in different areas, and nobody will realize you are new in  the town. There is health in this city because fresh products are readily available and affordable. In  addition, the city has fantastic parks and lakes, not to mention the beautiful walking trails that you can 
use whenever you want to shed off some weight. You can also get to enjoy lots of art, family activities,  history and adventure. 


Like most cities in the USA, Madison has a variety of transport means. You can use public means which include buses and trains or cabs. If you want to connect to more distant places, air or train travel is the  best. There are no major traffic jams in The City and therefore getting to the games office will be easy. 

Jobs On Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 

Some of the jobs being offered can be done remotely or full-time. Therefore, it would be best to check for more details on the company’s website or contact the support or sales team at Gamesmith. 

• Community manager 
• UI designer 
• Senior VFX artist 
• Senior games systems designer 
• Market research analyst 
• 3D Environment Artist 
• Engine build master 

Filament GamesMadisonHuman Resource Machine EDUEducational Games11-50
FlippifyMadisonRace the Sun, Absolute DriftPC/Consoles1-10
High Iron StudiosWaunakeeSlingwitchPC/Consoles?
Human Head StudiosMadisonPreyPC/Consoles51-200
Lost Boys InteractiveMadisonNeverland – Lost AdventuresContract Services11-50
PerBlueMadisonDragonSoul, Portal QuestMobile11-50
Raven SoftwareMiddletonCall of DutyPC/Consoles201-500
SkyShip StudiosMadisonGloomMobile1-10