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Meet Dorian Compo, Chief Creative Officer of Dorian Compo LLC

1. Hello, who are you and what are you known for?

My name is Dorian Compo and I have focused my career on interface design. I have worked on many big AAA titles such as Lord of the Rings, Call of Duty and most recently Marvel’s Avengers.

2. What initially attracted you to the industry, and how did you break into the games industry?

I was always interested in comics, art and games from an early age. I honed my skills by going to art school and then graduating and moving to Los Angeles to break into the entertainment industry. I was working in web design back in the day when out of the blue I was contacted by Pandemic Studios to work on my first title Lord of the rings. The rest is history.

3. In this notoriously turbulent industry, what qualities do you feel helped you navigate your career path?

Dedication, perseverance and a deep love for gaming were the qualities that help guide me then and to this day.

Fortnite is another game Jason Schklar has offered his services with UX is Fine!
4. For those learning about our industry or interested in your role can you explain your job title, its function and what impact do you have in game titles?

As a UI Art lead you set the visual language, create the user experience journey and help guide the team towards the collective experiential vision that is in line with the overall tone and direction.

5. What’s your favorite part of your job?

I can’t deny that I love being creative and working on games. But over the years as I have moved more into a leadership role I have truly come to love helping my team grow as artist. It is so fullfilling to have the ability to bestow my experience and knowledge upon my team members and watch them grow into such amazing kick ass designers.

6. Where do you work? Can you explain more about the studio, it’s culture, size, strengths and why you chose to work there?

Crystal Dynamics is the studio that developed Marvel’s Avengers. The studio is world class and is best known for their Tomb Raider franchise. The studio culture is is very team oriented with a scrappy get it done attitude which is truly genuine. It’s a moderately sized studio which was appealing to me. I chose to work there because of the pedigree of talent the studio harnessed as well the titles they were able to obtain.

The Elder Scrolls Legends, one of the games UX is Fine! has helped develop the user’s experience.

7. How has COVID after your career, studio and what lasting changes both good and bad do you feel COVID has brought to the games industry?

COVID was a game changer, no doubt. But honestly, the studio rallied and we were able to transition quickly to a work from home environment and succeed. Out of all the ugliness that COVID brought upon us, one truth it reinforced was that we can create amazing games and it’s not a requirement to be working in an office. I am a huge advocate with the work from home work life balance and truly feel we accomplish more within that working paradigm.

8. What shall I be doing right now to improve my career prospects?

Keep creating, never stop! Put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone not just creatively but socially. You’ll learn many new amazing things and meet some truly inspiring people as well.

9. Is there a quote that motivates you?

No quotes. Just my lovely family and my willingness to create more and have a positive impact on the industry.

10. Can you share your thoughts about the next 5 years outlook for games?

I feel we are at a very interesting cross section with blockchain, NFTs and gaming. I think the industry will be very different in the next 5 years.

11. What advice would you give your younger self when looking at the games industry?

I would tell my younger self; Go for it! The world will take you on an interesting ride across the entertainment industry. Those experiences will mold you and guide you to your true path. Trust me, it’s gonna be an amazing ride.