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There is nothing more prestigious than winning a BAFTA award in the games industry. Making games is hard. Making a game that wins a BAFTA is ridiculously hard, so we decided to recognize and celebrate the BAFTA Games Awards winners for all their hard work and achievements.

Gamesmith has catalogued all BAFTA award winning games from the last 21 years and awarded not only the game but all those who have worked on a BAFTA winning title for studios and peers to see.

Why is winning a BAFTA a big deal, and why has Gamesmith awarded BAFTAs?

Over 1500 Studios and 200,000 elite game professionals use Gamesmith daily to network, connect and create opportunities within games. So why is having a BAFTA awarded on your profiles such a big deal?

  1. Career Validation: Gaining recognition and accolades from awards not only gives you pride but industry recognition that your career has been validated and you are within the elite of the industry.
  2. Credibility: Validation is credible because it comes from an independent, third-party that has evaluated your product relative to your competitors.
  3. Personal Brand: Having a BAFTA awarded to your profile elevates your personal brand status within our industry. 
  4. Uniqueness: The award gives you a unique distinction that you can promote in your career. Receiving a BAFTA is unique, opens doors and enhances your career. 
  5. Trust: As a result of the above, the game industry believes and trusts that your skills/product is better because it won the award.
  6. Promotion advantage: Award winners are invited to speak at conferences and events, raising your profile to yet even higher levels.
  7. Promotion leverage: Research shows that this change in status is mirrored by earning stakes as more significant roles and opportunities come your way. 

If you received a BAFTA award in error or feel that your profile is missing a BAFTA Award, please email to resolve.

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