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Video Game Companies in Miami

Miami is a busy city, and it’s the financial, cultural and economic center in South Florida. The population  of this city is big and covers an area of 145KM. The city has a name because it is among the top three  largest skylines in the USA. Miami is not new to games, and it has nine games companies, with the Raven  software company boasting the most prominent studio. 

Miami experiences four seasons, and the summer season is hot and humid. During this season, the  temperatures go as high as 90 degrees. June, July and August are the summer seasons. Autumn comes  after summer, and rains, heat and hurricanes characterize it. The temperatures remain constant in  September, October and November. Winter is moderately cold with few drops of rain, and it starts from  December to February. March and April are the spring months. The weather becomes hot during the  daytime and cold at night. In this season, the Atlantic waters heat up to 77 degrees Celsius. As a result,  the precipitation amount rises, and you might not like Miami during spring. 

Cost of Living 

The cost of housing in Miami exceeds the national average by 14%. However, this depends on various  factors, so you need to find out how much is needed to live in a particular area. For example, the cost of  food in a day is roughly $ 13, while housing is approximately $ 1350 per month for a medium house.  However, if you get a well-paying job at the game company, you can afford a comfortable life in Miami. 


Miami is known as a night city because of the vigorous activities in the city at night. You will find people  walking along the white beaches at midnight. The city is a blend of the Caribbean and Latin American  cultures. From some of the best delicacies in the world to the local ones, Miami remains unbeatable. It is simply the home of the best chefs in the world. Another fantastic aspect is the Miami Port, where you  can enjoy some cruising. The port is the world’s largest cruising port. With over 140 parks, recreation  centers, and parks, this city can never get boring for you. You will get to enjoy the best outdoor moments  whenever you are out of the office. 


There are several ways to get around Miami. However, it depends on where you are staying. Trolleys are common in the city, but they are pretty slow. There are also the Metromovers means of transport which  are spacious and clean. However, they get crowded in the morning and evening because many people  are going or coming back from work. The other means of transport include Ubers which are the best if  you at the beach, buses and personal cars.  

Jobs On Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 

• Game designer 
• Technical director 
• Brand director 
• Game economic designer 
• Designer for senior game systems 
• Market research analyst 
• Senior narrative designer 

You must have good communication and scripting skills if you apply for any of these jobs. Moreover, you  will be more advantaged if you solidly understand the use of blueprints, shader systems, and materials.  You must also be conversant with Maya tools and their application.

Filament GamesMadisonHuman Resource Machine EDUEducational Games11-50
FlippflyMadisonRace the Sun, Absolute DriftPC/Consoles1-10
High Iron StudiosWaunakeeSlingwitchPC/Consoles1-10
Human Head StudiosMadisonPreyPC/Consoles51-200
Lost Boys InteractiveMadisonNeverland – Lost AdventuresContract Services11-50
PerBlueMadisonDragonSoul, Portal QuestMobile11-50
Raven SoftwareMiddletonCall of DutyPC/Consoles201-500
SkyShip StudiosMadisonGloomMobile1-10