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Video Game Companies in New Orleans

New Orleans City was founded in 1718 by a French company found in the USA’s Louisiana state. It is a blend of African, French and American cultures. The city covers an area of 906.1 KM squared, and it’s  near the Mississippi-Missouri rivers. There are three game companies in this town, with all the games  being played on consoles or PC. The companies are hiring but before you make your application, let us  take you through New Orleans. 


Before moving to any place, the weather is a paramount factor that you should never ignore. New  Orleans has four seasons, with the winter season being humid and cold, with temperatures ranging  between 40 and 60. It starts in December and ends in February. The spring season is warm with  moderate temperatures. You will notice the flowers blooming, adding to the beauty of the city. However,  sometimes showers are experienced. The season is from March to May. After the spring comes the  summer in June, July and August, and the weather is usually hot. Finally, September, October and  November are the fall months. This is usually a festive season because the weather is warm and accommodating. 

Cost of Living 

The cost of living in New Orleans is lower than the national average. The housing cost for a medium  house is $ 1 100 per month. When you add the utility bills, it gets to $ 2500. Groceries will cost you $ 13  a month. In addition, the cost of health care is pretty high, and a visit to the doctor might cost you $ 95.  Nevertheless, these costs depend on how you choose to live. 


New Orleans is a cultural city, and this distinguishes it from other towns. Being an island, the locals have  been able to maintain their culture for a long time. You will notice old homes in this city with some  looking like cottages, center-hall houses, bungalows and townhouses. Food is part of this city and more  so seafood. Most restaurants make indigenous cuisines that water your mouth. Don’t be surprised when  you meet people dancing on the street in New Orleans. The city is vibrant and full of Jazz music. Time is  not a factor in music, and you will get it any time of the day or night. 


Transport is diversified in New Orleans, and therefore it is easy to get around the town. Streetcars are  the primary means of transportation, and they transverse across many parts of the city. The streetcars  are also designed to accommodate disabled people. There is also a ferry that commutes between  Chalmette and Algiers. In addition, it makes trips across the famous Mississippi river. The other means of  transport include cabs, bikes and rideshares. 


If you have kids, it is evident to factor in how they will continue with their studies. The schooling system  in New Orleans is divided into three, including Elementary school, middle school and high school. There  are enough public schools in this town and also private schools. 

Jobs on Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 

• Remote community manager
• Web Front-end engineer 
• Fulltime technical artist 
• Fulltime technical director 
• Remote or full-time technical artist 
• Fulltime gameplay programmer 
• People scientist 
• Senior system designer 
• 2D graphic designer

High Voltage SoftwareNew OrleansDragon FrontPC/Consoles11-50
inXile EntertainmentNew OrleansThe Mage’s Tale, WastelandPC/Consoles11-50
TestronicNew OrleansQA ServicesPC/Consoles11-50