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Video Game Companies in New York City

This is America’s 24th largest city, and its located in Southern New York. It covers 302.6SQ kilometers and  consists of five boroughs, and its hosts both natives and foreigners. New York is known for the best game  developers has 19 game companies. Gamesmith has come through to help you get a job in any of the  New York game companies.  


The weather in New York varies from time to time. Spring is the blooming month and its characterized by  cool and warm temperatures. On the other hand, the summer days are hot, sunny and bright, but you  will notice cold breezes near the water. During winter, the city is cold and icy and therefore, you have to  keep warm, and the same goes for the fall season. 

Cost of Living 

The cost of living in New York depends on your lifestyle and earnings. Houses go for $ 900 a month, and  therefore, you don’t have to live in dilapidated houses. Most newcomers keep their cost of housing low  by sharing their living space, and you could also do that. Utilities like water, electricity, and the internet can cost you $ 80 or less if you share with someone. Another cost is groceries, and you might have to  spend at least $ 250 a month, inclusive of everything. Other costs include entertainment, and savings  and they depend on the kind of life you want to live. 

New York is a busy and crowded city, and you might always be queuing for services or goods. However,  people in the city are vibrant and full of life. When it comes to art and culture, New York has a lot to  offer. There are cultural exhibitions almost every week, and you can never have enough of the city’s  museums and galleries. In addition, the city has a lot of food, more so along the streets. You will also find  the best restaurants in this city and enjoy savory steaks. If you are an outdoor person, New York City is  the place to be. There are many outdoor activities you can engage in, including biking and doing yoga  classes. 
For efficiency purposes, public transport is the best in New York. This means of transport is cheap, and it  operates for 24 hrs. The Public means include the use of buses, ferries and trains. The other means are  taxis, rental cars, or Citi bikes, with most residents preferring to use bicycles.

Jobs of Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 

• Senior unreal programmer 
• Brand director 
• Associate product manager 
• Network programmer 
• Experience level designer 
• Backend programmer 
• Head of branding communication 
• People scientist 
• Lead senior principal program manager 

You can find the requirements for each job position by contacting the support center at Gamesmith.

ArkadiumNew York CityInHabit, ArenaMobile, Tools51-200
Avalanche StudiosNew York CitytheHunter: Call of the WildPC/Consoles11-50
DotsNew York CityDots, Two DotsMobile51-200
E-Line MediaNew York CityGamestar Mechanic, Talkers and DoersEducational11-50
FreshPlanetNew York CitySongPopMobile11-50
HerotainmentNew York CityHerotopiaMobile1-10
High 5 GamesNew York CitySlot MachinesCasino201-500
iNK StoriesNew York City1979 RevolitionPC/Consoles, VR/AR1-10
Luminosity MobileNew York CityOnce Upon a RunnerMobile1-10
Muse GamesNew York CityGuns of Icarus OnlinePC/Consoles11-50
People Can FlyNew York CityOutridersPC/Consoles11-50
Private DivisionNew York CityKerbal Space ProgramPublishing11-50
Rockstar NYCNew York CityHeadquartersOperations51-200
Saber InteractiveMaplewoodSaber3D EngineTools?
Studio MercatoNew York CityCrystal BrawlPC/Consoles1-10
Take-Two InteractiveNew York CityHeadquartersOperations51-200
This is PopNew York CityMr. MulletWeb?
Tilting PointManhattanSIEGE: Titan WarsMobile11-50
ustwoNew York CityMonument ValleyMobile11-50