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Video Game Companies in Ottawa

This is the capital city of Canada, and its found in the Eastern of Southern Ontario at the bank of river Ottawa. It takes the second position in Canada’s largest cities and has so much to offer in economy and  culture. The town has acquired its place in the world of game development and boasts eight companies.  The studios have completed most of their game projects successfully. 


The climate in Ottawa is humid semi-continental, and there are four seasons, and each season comes  with its experience. Winters are cold, and snowy but the temperatures don’t go to the extreme. It comes  from January to March. Summer in Ottawa has sunny and pleasant days. This is why tourists will flock to  the city at that time. It is the best time to experience mountain climbing and biking. The season is from  June to August. The fall season is no different from summer as it comes with some warmth. It is the time  flowers bloom and color the city. There are a lot of outdoor activities you can do during this time. 

Cost of living 

Compared to other towns in Canada, Ottawa is much cheaper. For a one-bedroom apartment, you can  pay $ 137 per month. Electricity, internet and water bills can cost you $ 130 depending on your  consumption. If you have a family, groceries would cost you at most $ 150.Generally, you can easily  manage in the city as a newcomer.


Ottawa is a city of a healthy lifestyle, and you will notice the locals jogging or cycling. Many roads in this  city have lanes made for riders, and they are traffic-free. It is a clean and green city with lovely walkways  and running paths. Politically, Ottawa is the center of Canadian politics. Most locals work with the  government as civil servants. Residents discuss politics openly and will always give their political opinion  without fear. All services in the city are offered either in French or English. Moreover, there are beautiful  ancient buildings in the city boasting a masterclass design. The nightlife is vibrant, and many residents  will meet out at entertainment joints after work. In addition, the locals take part in many festivities  throughout the year. 


The Ottawa public transport system has buses operating in the town for 24hrs. One is allowed to buy fare tickets in advance or pay cash at the customer service centers. The city also has the bus and coach  means of transport located downtown. In case you are moving for long-distance, you can use the train.  The mode of transportation is cycling, and it offers you a great time to see the city 


Education is offered in both English and French, and it is of high quality. There are private and public schools, with the government paying for the latter more so for the elementary and secondary levels. There are excellent programs for every education level. 

Jobs on Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 

• Market research analyst 

• Senior graphics programmer 

• Technical artist 

• Level designer 

• Technical designer 

• Network programmer 

• 3D lead artist 

• Senior narrative designer 

The above are just but a few opportunities. There are many more that Gamesmith has advertised on their website.

Fuel IndustriesOttawaPie FaceVR/AR, Mobile51-200
Hardline StudiosOttawaAlpha WaveMobile1-10
Kindly BeastOttawaBendy and the Ink MachinePC/Consoles, Mobile11-50
KitazaruOttawa?PC/Consoles, AR/VR11-50
Smoke LabsOttawaBlokusMobile1-10
Snowed In StudiosOttawaWindforgeMobile11-50