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Video Game Companies in Atlanta

This is the liveliest city when it comes to video games. The town boasts thirty gaming studios with each of them having a reasonable size.

The biggest studio in Atlanta has a size of between 50 -200. Some of the game makers in Atlanta are very famous and skilled, and you might want to work with them. Before making your application, there are few things you need to know about the city. Atlanta is the biggest city in Georgia state, covering an area of 354.2km square. 


The weather in Atlanta is moderate. However, the summers are extremely humid and hot, with  temperatures going up to 90 degrees. However, they usually fall at night, more so in areas nearing the  mountains. In addition, the summer season also comes with thunderstorms. The winter season in the  city is not so severe. However, it comes with some low temperatures, and you will notice snow and  blizzards during the season. Even though winter is dry, the temperatures get so low at times. On the other hand, the spring season comes with lots of rains and strong winds. This makes the temperature  levels go down, and therefore you need to be armed with an umbrella, raincoats, warm clothes, and rain  boots o beat the cold.  


When it comes to lifestyle, Atlanta is known to have a vibrant and warm lifestyle compared to other cities. Security is not a concern since the neighborhoods are safe. In addition, the cost of housing is not exaggerated, and you can get a medium one-bedroom house at $1100.00, depending on where you live. There are a lot of trains traversing across Atlanta, and their charges are favorable. Therefore, it will be easier for you to commute from home to your workstation. Food is a major issue regardless of where you live because man must eat. The cost of food in Atlanta depends on your lifestyle. This means that you can’t go a day without a meal. Also, the city has many restaurants whose food prices are favorable and hence you can opt to be eating in a hotel thus saving on time, cooking fuel and the shopping hustle. 

Jobs on Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 

• 3D character analyst 
• Technical artist 
• Senior game designer 
• Unreal engine programmer 
• Network programmer 
• Project director 
• Game engineer 
• Level designer 
• Engine Build master
• Senior narrative designer 
• Senior product manager 
• Backend programmer 
• Game writer contactor 
• Windows administrator 

The above mentioned are a few positions, and you can find more on our company’s website. If you find  Atlanta favorable, don’t hesitate to shoot your application and join the gaming world.

Atlanta Esports VenturesAtlantaeSportseSports1-10
adult swim gamesAtlantaBattle Chef Brigade, Duck GamePublisher1-10
AGSAtlantaSlot GamesSlot Games51-100
Blue Bomber GamesAtlantaLooking For HealsPC1-10
Brikym Game StudioAtlantaThe Kingdom of GuruMobile51-100
Blue Mammoth GamesAtlantaBrawlhallaPC/Consoles1-10
Dragon ArmyAtlantaMobile GamesMobile11-50
Embodied LabsAtlantaVRVR1-10
Evil Mojo Games (Hi-Rez Studios)AlpharettaPaladinsPC1-10
First Watch Games (Hi-Rez Studios)AlpharettaRogue CompanyPC1-10
Gimmie GamesDecaturMadonna: Express YourselfMobile/Slot Machines11-50
Hi-Rez StudiosAlpharettaSmitePC/Consoles201-500
HOF StudiosSandy SpringsPolyroll, Death of ExtinctionPC/Consoles1-10
ISO InteractiveAtlantaApps & GamesMobile1-10
KAVAAtlantaCasino GamesPC, Mobile1-10
Ker-Chunk GamesAtlantaNimblitzMobile1-10
Lionheart GamesAtlantaMobile GamesMobile11-50
Moonlight KidsAtlantaThe Wild At HeartPC1-10
Persuasive GamesAtlantaColorfall, WindfallPC/Consoles1-10
Play.worksAtlantaConnected TVPC1-10
Red Panda StudiosAtlantaComing SoonMobile1-10
TaskUs GamesAtlantaDigital Customer ExperiencePC/Consoles/Mobile51-200
TastypillAtlantaSling Drift, Pick Me UpMobile51-200
Scientific GamesAtlantaSlot GamesSlot Games4000+
Skillshot MediaAtlantaAtlanta Community OpeneSports1-10
The Stork Burnt DownAtlantaHome ImprovisationPC/Mobile1-10
Thrust InteractiveAtlantaIgnite EngineTools11-50
Tripwire InteractiveRoswellKilling Floor, The BallPC51-200