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Video Game Companies in Austin

Austin is the largest city in Texas state and the most popular in the USA.

Austin sits on an area of 704km squared and boasts a population of 1,100 000 people. The city is a gaming center with over 60 game  studios. Most of the games are played on consoles, central services, pc’s, or mobile devices. The biggest studio in Austin is Kinglsle Entertainment, whose size is between 51-200. Here are some of the things  you need to know about Austin, and they will help you make an informed decision. 

Many people think that Austin’s climate is desert-like, but that’s not true. The city has a humid  environment with a pro-longed season of chilly winter and hot summers. During the summer season,  July and August are the hottest months that go above 38 degrees, and it can be so for several days. There  are thunderstorms at that time caused by afternoon heat that builds up. The temperatures don’t  decrease even at night, and therefore you need to have light clothes for the season. The summer season  is followed by the Fall season. Here the temperatures are moderate, and it’s the best time to have  outdoor activities. The season starts in September and goes up to November. The Fall season in Austin  ushers in the winter. This season is frigid, and sometimes it gets below freezing. However, you will not  experience snow during winter. Winter runs between December and January. The humidity comes with rainstorms and has never been below 30 percent, even when it is raining. January is the coldest month in the city while May is the wettest month. Sometimes the city experiences flash flooding, especially in early May and June. 

Cost of Living 
Before moving to any City, it’s good to know about the cost of living. Compared to other cities in the USA, Austin is relatively cheaper. This is in terms of food, housing, transport, and medical cost. As a  newcomer, it would be wise to go for more affordable places and avoid the suburbs. This will enable you  to live within your budget, thus avoid falling into debts and stress.  

Austin is a city for everyone, and this explains why its population keeps on growing. The city is rich in  museums, outdoor attractions, resorts, and cultural centers. The people are warm and vibrant, and  therefore you can hardly get bored. If you are a food lover, then Austin is your number one city to go. This is because there are food trucks everywhere, and you can easily access a bite. Entertainment is in  plenty in this town. It’s known as the music paradise because music saturates the atmosphere from  parks, streets, and bars.

Jobs on Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 
• Associate producer 
• Community manager 
• Unity Engineer 
• UI designer 
• Web front-end engineer 
• Intermediate Unity Programmer 
• Associate Product manager B1 
• Senior R$D software engineer 

The positions are so many, and you can find more by contacting Gamesmith.

4th WallAustinHarrowing AdventuresPC1-10
AdventurePro GamesCedar ParkDungeonmansPC1-10
Airship SyndicateAustinBattle ChasersPC/Consoles11-50
Amazon Game StudiosAustinLumberyardTools11-50
Apogee EntertainmentAustinRise of the Triad: RemasteredPC/Consoles1-10
Archetype EntertainmentAustinUnder developmentPC/Consoles1-10
Aristocrat Leisure LimitedAustinRaid: Shadow LegendsMobile1000+
Arkane StudiosAustinDEATHLOOP, DishonoredPC/Consoles51-200
Armature StudioAustinReCorePC/Consoles11-50
ArtCraft EntertainmentAustinCrowfallPC/Consoles11-50
Ask An Enemy StudiosEl PasoA Duel Hand Disaster: TrackherConsoles1-10
AspyrAustinStar Wars: Racer, Layers of Fear, ObserverPC/Consoles51-200
Bethesda Game Studios AustinAustinDoom, Fallout 76PC/Consoles11-50
Bioware AustinAustinStar Wars: The Old RepublicPC/Consoles201-500
Blank Media GamesRound RockTown of SalemPC/Consoles1-10
BlizzardAustinWorld of Warcraft, StarcraftCustomer service for Blizzard titles500+
Big Sugar GamesAustinSAM & MAX: THIS TIME IT’S VIRTUAL!PC/Consoles1-10
Blue GojiAustinFuriendsPC1-10
Bluepoint GamesAustinBlast Factor, God of War CollectionPC/Consoles11-50
Boss Fight EntertainmentAustinDungeon BossMobile11-50
Capital GamesAustinStar Wars: Galaxy of HeroesMobile1-10
Cerberus InteractiveAustinAtlas EmpiresMobile1-10
Certain AffinityAustinHalo, Call of DutyPC/Consoles201-500
Cloud Imperium GamesAustinStar CitizenPC/Consoles51-200
Daybreak Game CompanyAustinEverquest, DC Universe OnlinePC/Consoles51-200
Devolver DigitalAustinSerious SamPC/Consoles11-50
DigeratiAustinSlain from HellPublisher1-10
Dimensional InkAustinDC Universe OnlinePC/Consoles11-50
Electronic Arts PogoAustinClaire Hart ClassicPC51-100
EA Sports Austin (Electronic Arts)Austin3 EA Business UnitsWorld Wide Customer Experience, EA Sports, EA Mobile51-100
Enspire LearningAustinApp DevelopmentMobile1-10
Enduring GamesAustinDemon’s Souls, GodfallPC/Consoles1-10
EveriAustinCasino Slot GamesSlot Machines1-10
Fair WorldsAustinImmersive Agency focused on VR, ARVR/AR1-10
FarBridgeAustinRWBY Grimm EclipsePC/Consoles1-10
GameSaladAustinGameSalad ToolsTools11-50
GlobalFunAustinKartmania, Catan – The First IslandMobile11-50
Gunfire GamesAustinDarksiders III, ChronosPC/Consoles11-50
Hard Rock DigitalAustinCasinoMobile1-10
Hellfire GamesWest Lake HillsHome TycoonPC/Consoles1-10
KabamAustinThe Godfater: Five Families, Dragons of AtlantisSocial11-50
Kingdom GamesAustinPuzzle Showdown 4kPC/Consoles11-50
KingIsle EntertainmentAustinWizard 101PC/Consoles51-200
Lightside GamesAustinStained GlassMobile11-50
Longshot GamesAustinBobblehead College FootballMobile1-10
Lost Boys InteractiveAustinNeverland Lost Adventures, ZPocPC1-10
Magic LeapAustinMagic Leap 1VR/AR1-10
Meta 3D StudiosAustinDigital Compositing, Rigging, Animation and morePC1-10
Mighty CoconutAustinWalkabout: Mini GolfPC1-10
Mothership EntertainmentAustinAven ColonyPC1-10
NCSOFT WestAustinSupport, Customer ServicePC/Consoles51-200
OtherSide EntertainmentAustinSystem Shock 3, Underworld OverlordPC/Consoles1-10
Owlchemy LabsAustinVacation Simulator, Job SimulatorVR/AR11-50
ParsecAustinRemote DesktopPC1-10
Pangea SoftwareAustinNucleus, NanosaurPC/Consoles1-10
Panic ButtonAustinWarframe (Switch), DOOM (Switch)PC/Consoles11-50
Phaser Lock InteractiveAustinFinal AssaultVR/AR1-10
PLAYSTUDIOSAustinMyVegasCasino Games51-200
PortalariumAustinShroud of the AvatarPC/Consoles11-50
Retro StudiosAustinMetroid, Donkey Kong CountryPC/Consoles51-200
SciPlay AustinAustinSlot MachinesCasino Games1-10
Spacetime StudiosAustinPocket Legends, Star LegendsPC/Consoles11-50
Stoic StudioAustinBanner SagaPC/Consoles1-10
Third Wire ProductionsAustinStrike FightersPC/Consoles1-10
Tiger StyleAustinWaking Mars, Spider – The Secret of Bryce ManorMobile1-10
Tonk Tonk GamesAustinuFighterMobile11-50
Trion WorldsAustinTrion Worlds ToolsPC/Consoles1-10
Twisted PixelAustinWilson’s Heart, Splosion ManPC/Consoles, VR/AR11-50
Unity AustinAustinUnity EngineTools1-10
Wargaming AustinAustinWorld of TanksCentral Services11-50
Zynga AustinAustinZynga BingoSocial51-200