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Video Game Companies in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge sits on 229.6 KMs squared, and it is found close to the Mississippi River. The city is located  in Louisiana state, and it’s a famous city in the USA. There are only two game companies in Baton Rouge,  namely EA Baton Rouge and Pixel Dash studio. The first company has a vast studio whose size is between  201-500. We have a few things that you need to know about Baton Rouge.

The weather in this town is unpredictable since it keeps on changing. You will therefore need to have  different clothes to be safe. The summers are characterized by scorching temperatures accompanied by  high humidity. Winter in Baton Rouge is not long, but it freezes on some days. You can notice snow and  fleets during the season. Things are different during The Fall and Spring season because the weather is  moderate and accommodative. 

There is no struggle in getting a house in Baton Rouge. There are plenty of them, and therefore you can  get what’s suits you and your budget. Some of the neighborhoods in Baton Rouge include the Garden  District, which is located at the city center. The family in this location boasts strong bonds. You will notice  many oak and magnolia trees in the Garden District, which make it beautiful. There are many upcoming  movies and TV productions in the area, so don’t be surprised to find some of Hollywood’s best actors.  Another neighborhood is Downtown, which boasts an urban lifestyle. 

This city can never be boring for anyone. On the contrary, it is rich in fun places, including the Manship  Theatre, Tiger Stadium, where football dominates. If you are a music lover, you can visit the Blues  Festival and enjoy endless Jazz and Blues. In addition, the city is full of schools and universities, so you  don’t have to worry if you have kids. Baton Rouge has all types of restaurants, and therefore you can’t  miss one that favors your taste buds. This explains why the residents are food-loving. You can also enjoy  outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and football. 

Transport is available in this city, and you have the choice of traveling by your car or using public  transport. However, public transportation is more reliable. You can also use the Trolley service if you  choose to live in the Downtown or Garden District. There is also the Yellow Cab, Uber, and reliant means  of transport.

Jobs On Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 
• Intermediate Unity Programmer 
• Brand director 
• Game Economic Designer 
• Technical Artist 
• Senior Technical Designer 
• Senior Narrative Designer 
• FX Artist 

With the above information, you can now decide if you want to work in Baton Rouge and be a  beneficiary of Gamesmith’s generosity. 

EA Baton RougeBaton RougeQA for EA titlesQA201-500
Pixel Dash StudiosBaton RougeRoad RedemptionPC/Consoles1-10