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Video Game Companies in Boston

Boston is another famous town in England, and it’s relatively big and covers 232.1 KM squared. Although the city is small, it is full of city life. Boston boasts culinary scenes, the best schools globally, and tops in the world of technology and medicine. There are 28 game studios in this city and a team of skilled game developers. The residents and university students have positively embraced games.


The weather in Boston is moderate, with the Spring season having shallow temperatures. However, the temperatures keep on changing. On the other hand, summer is usually hot, with temperatures of 29 degrees, and it causes humidity. Summer is from July to August. Summer is followed by autumn, which begins in September going up to November. During this season, trees might seem to change colors. However, the temperatures remain at 17 degrees all through the season. After autumn comes the winter, which is characterized by heavy snow and therefore you have to wear warm clothes all through the winter season.


Boston is a Metropolitan country and has different kinds of people. You have a lot of shopping opportuni6es in this city if you love shopping. Also, the town boasts world-class museums and eleva6ng entertainment, and therefore you can never get bored at any time. There is lots of food and drinks in Boston, and you will have the best memories as you work in any of the 28 studios.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is a bit high, more so when it comes to housing. Therefore, it is essential to research well about the city’s neighborhoods and weigh where you belong depending on your goals and lifestyle. For example, Boston residents enjoy good health because they have the best doctors and health facilities. As a result, the city has been recognized as the number three in the healthiest nations


When it comes to education, the town prides itself on the best schools. It is simply a center for higher education with world-class institu6ons like the Harvard University, among other educational facilities. As a result, your child will have the best education in Boston.

Jobs on Offer As Listed By Gamesmith

• Web front-end engineer

• Lead 3D artist studio
• Technical director
• Brand director
• Senior VFX artist
• Senior R&D software engineer
• Market research analyst
• Level designer
• 3D environment artist
• Unreal engine programmer
• Senior Product Manager
Expert data scientist

Most of the games in Boston are played on mobile devices, consoles, computers, and the web. You can get more information about the terms and services of the jobs mentioned above on the Gamesmith’s site.

360KIDWatertownEducational TitlesEducational11-50
Crate EntertainmentCambridgeGrim DawnPC/Consoles11-50
Dejobaan GamesBostonElegy for a Dead WorldPC/Consoles1-10
Demiurge StudiosCambridgeMarvel Puzzle Quest, Shoot Many RobotsPC/Consoles, Mobile11-50
Disruptor BeamFraminghamStar Trek Timelines, Game of Thrones AscentMobile51-200
FableVisionBostonEducational TitlesWeb, Mobile11-50
Fire Hose GamesCambridgeGo Home Dinosaurs, Slam Bot ScrappersPC/Consoles, Contract Services1-10
FunkitronCambridgeCascade, Word BirdMobile11-50
Ghost Story GamesWestwoodWorking on new IPPC/Consoles11-50
GSN GamesBostonCasino GamesWeb, Mobile51-200
HarmonixBostonRock Band, Dance CentralPC/Consoles, VR/AR51-200
Lantana GamesBostonChildren of LibertyPC/Consoles1-10
Linden LabBostonProject Sansar, Second LifeVR/AR1-10
Muzzy LaneAmesburyMiddWorld OnlineEducational Titles11-50
OtherSide EntertainmentBostonSystem Shock 3, Underworld OverlordPC/Consoles1-10
Part12 StudiosBostonKlouds+, Apples to ApplesMobile, Social, Web1-10
Pileated PicturesBostonPlanet Cazmo, Zhu Zhu PetsWeb1-10
ProletariatBostonWorld ZombinationPC/Consoles, Mobile11-50
ReliSource GamesBedfordCasinoTools51-200
Rockstar New EnglandAndoverBullyPC/Consoles11-50
Root RoboticsBostoniRobot Coding PlatformPC1-10
Skymap GamesBostonBacon ManPC/Consoles1-10
Sports MogulMedfordBaseball Mogul, Football MogulPC/Consoles1-10
Standing Stone GamesNeedhamThe Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons OnlinePC/Consoles51-200
Star Gaming Advisors
The Molasses FloodBostonThe Flame in the FloodPC/Consoles1-10
Tilting PointBostonSpongeBob: Krusty Cook-off
WB Games BostonNeedhamBatman: Arkham UnderworldMobile, PC/Consoles51-200
ZapdotCambridgeContract ServicesContract Services1-10