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Video Game Companies in Dallas

There are 23 video game companies in Dallas, and the city also boasts some of the top game professionals. They include Joshua White, Gerald Broas, Mari Lucian, among others. Naturally, you would want to work with such great brains. First, however, knowing a bit about the city would be helpful. 

Dallas is the biggest city in Dallas County, Texas state. It has a population of close to 1.3 million people  and covers an area of 993 km squared. Its growth rate is relatively high, more so economically. Before moving to any place, it wise to understand its neighborhoods. This will help you find affordable homes and the benefits of living there. Dallas has several neighborhoods, including Addison, Grapevine,  Colleyville, Trophy Club, among others. All these neighborhoods are full of life with lots of restaurants  and spacious houses. 

Cost of living 
The cost of housing in Dallas is high, and you might need to get ready for that. For example, a one bedroom house is rented out at $ 1,200 a month. However, that is pretty cheap compared to other cities  like Los Angeles and Austin. Education-wise, Dallas gives you several options to choose from. The city boasts both private and public schools, and therefore your kids will continue with their education. The  education system in the city is competitive and affordable. 

Transport in Dallas calls for one to have a lot of patience. There is much traffic because the city is  massively spread out and therefore commuters have to spend more time on the roads. You have various  means of transport to choose from in this city, including the city bus service, light rail, streetcar, or  commuter train. The light rails are a bit fast compared with the others. 

Moving to a new place is not easy but moving to Dallas is worth it. The city is full of life and excitement.  There are many parks, shops, museums and attraction centers that you can visit during the weekend. 

 Jobs On Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 
• Senior R&D software engineer 
• Market research analyst 
• Level designer 
• Game programmer 
• 3D character artist 
• Experience level designer 
• Senior C++Engineer 
• Software Engineering manager 
• Data and Applied scientist 
• Expert Data Scientist 

With the above information about Dallas, you can decide and apply for any job if you feel the city is  good for you.

3D RealmsDallasDuke NukemPC/Consoles1-10
ArgenticsDallasGame DevelopmentPC/Consoles1-10
Bethesda Game Studios DallasDallasDoom, SplodePC/Consoles11-50
BonusXPAllenStranger Things – The GameMobile11-50
Boss Fight EntertainmentMcKinneyDungeon BossMobile1-10
Forward Game StudiosDallasPlease, Don’t Touch AnythingPC/Consoles11-50
Game CircusAddisonTap$ to Riche$Mobile11-50
Gearbox SoftwarePlanoBorderlands, Brothers in ArmsPC/Consoles201-500
idRichardsonDoom, Quake, WolfensteinPC/Consoles51-200
From the FutureDentonHopalong: The BadlandsVR/AR1-10
KingsIslePlanoWizard 101PC/Consoles11-50
Logic SimplifiedDallasClient: Corporate LifePC/Consoles1-10
Mumbo JumboDallasLarge Library of Casual GamesWeb51-200
Nerve SoftwareDallasCall of Duty Black Ops, 007 Quantam of SolacePC/Consoles11-50
PeopleFunRichardsonWord Scapes, Word ChumsMobile11-50
Playful CorpMcKinneyLucky’s TaleVR/AR11-50
PolyKnight GamesDallasInnerSpacePC/Consoles1-10
Robot EntertainmentPlanoHero Academy, Orcs Must DieMobile11-50
Retro CubeDallasAppsMobile1-10
Sickhead GamesDallasTooth and TailPC/Consoles1-10
Soldak EntertainmentDallasDin’s CursePC/Consoles1-10
SpiderMonk EntertainmentDallasRoogooPC/Consoles1-10
Stray Kite StudiosRichardsonFortnite CreativePC/Consoles11-50
Visartech Inc.DallasGolf Simulation Platform For SportsPC/Consoles1-10