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Video Game Companies in Denver/Boulder

These two cities are different and it will take you 35 minutes to drive from Denver to Βoulder City. The total number of game companies in the two towns is 7, and the biggest studio boasts a size of 51-100.  Some of the game makers in the companies include Eugene Popescu, a designer, Karl Urtenholzer a marketer, Lynette Worm, dealing with animation, among others.  

Denver city is found in Colorado state in the USA. It sits on 401KM squared, and some part of it is in the  Front Range Urban Corridor. On the other hand, Boulder city is a bit small, covering an f 72KM squared and boasting 106,000 people. 


When it comes to weather, the city experiences three seasons. The summers are usually sunny, hot, and  humid. You might sweat heavily between July and August. However, the weather might change and  become cooler, especially when the winds blow from the East. Therefore, you will need to be armed with an air conditioner and a sun hat if it’s your first time in the city. Fall in Chicago comes after summer, and  it’s the best time to explore the town. The weather is warm during the season, and therefore you can  have a wonderful time doing outdoor activities. Winter, on the other hand, is cold with snow  throughout. However, the lakefront doesn’t experience cold weather thanks to Lake Michigan, which  provides a warm effect. 

Cost of Living 
The cost of living in Boulder is high compared to other cities. This is more so the housing cost, and  therefore you need to be prepared for that.  

When it comes to transport, you have plenty of options in the city. You can use private cars, taxis, or a  public bus. However, if you are good with bikes, cycling would be the easiest way to get around the city.  There are plenty of bike shops where you can hire one return at the agreed time. You will enjoy a lot of  cultural activities in Boulder. The city is home to several dancing companies and hosts annual music festivals. 


Education comes in all forms. There are public, private, and charter schools. In addition, there are several universities. 

With the description of the two cities, here are the jobs you can apply for in the gaming companies. 

 Jobs on Offer As listed By Gamesmith website:

• Paid internship for a community manager 
• Senior game designer 
• Brand director 
• Associate product director 
• Market research analyst 
• Level designer 
• Unreal Engine programmer 
• Experienced level designer 
• Datacenter technician Lead 


The game industry has continued to broaden, with many people getting attracted to it. The new technology has immensely contributed to its growth. Game developers are also honing their skills each  day, thus translating to the growth of many game companies worldwide, more so in America. The above discussed cities have taken the industry to another level. The companies in each town are often hiring. The support team at Gamesmith has taken its time to highlight the jobs available in those companies. Therefore, if that’s your area of interest, you can go ahead and apply in the city that you find suitable for you.

Backflip StudiosBoulderDragonVale, Paper Toss and NinJumpMobile1-10
Deck Nine GamesWestminsterLife is Strange: Before the StormPC/Consoles51-200
Dire Wolf DigitalDenverEternal, LanternsMobile51-200
IllFonicGoldenFriday the 13th: The GamePC/Consoles11-50
Leviathan GamesBoulderKeys & KingdomsPC1-10
LikemindDenverLearning communityEducational Brands1-10
New World InteractiveDenverInsurgencyPC/Consoles11-50
Pavonis InteractiveLouisvilleTerra InvictaPC/Consoles1-10
ScopelyBoulderMarvel Strike ForceMobile11-50
Serenity ForgeBoulderOnce Upon a Coma, The King’s BirdPublisher11-50