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Video Game Companies in Eugene

This is a city found in the Oregon state in the USA, and it has a large population. The people in this city  are known to be dedicated and full of life. When it comes to games, the city has been in the industry for  quite some time and boasts a collection of game developers. The birthing of the triple studios and  companies in the city resulted from the shutting down of Sierra. Eugene has four gaming companies,  with the biggest having a studio of size 11-50. 


One of the main thing that you need to know about a new place it’s the weather. You don’t want to  move to a place where the weather will affect you. This city has some Mediterranean climate, and  therefore they experience moderate weather. It is dry and warm during the summer, ranging between 70  and 80 degrees. On the other hand, the winter season comes with cold and rain. However, there is still  sunshine during winter, and therefore not much is affected by the weather. 

Cost of Living 

Unlike many cities in the USA, the cost of living in Eugene is not so high. Anyone working per hour can  earn up to $ 14 per hour. This is good money and can cater to all your needs. Food, healthcare, and  transport are equally affordable. The only thing that is slightly high is the housing cost, but you can still  find one within your budget. In addition, many people prefer living in Eugene because the income tax  rates are low. 


The lifestyle of Eugene is warm, and you might be glad you chose the city. There are a lot of museums,  restaurants and music venues to discover in this town. The people of Eugene love outdoor activities. The  activities include mountain and rock climbing, hiking, biking, and ocean surfing. Being a clean town,  Eugene has many recreational parks and open spaces where one can have quality time with their family  and friends. 

Transportation and Education 
There are many cars in the city but most people like using bikes. Therefore, there is no significant traffic  in the city except during extreme weather. The other options for transport in the city include buses,  carpools, car shares and train. The train has been rated as the best means of transport in the city.  

When it comes to education, the city is known for higher education opportunities. There are enough  schools, colleges and universities. Public schools are way affordable compared to private ones and  perform well both in education and sports. 

Job offers Listed By Gamesmith 
• Intermediate Unity Programmer 
• Brand director 
• Associate product manager 
• Technical director 
• Technical artists
• Senior games systems designer 
• Paid internship for a community manager 

There are more positions on the company’s website.

Game ClosureEugeneEverWingMobile1-10
Mad Otter GamesEugeneVillagers & HeroesPC/Consoles, Mobile1-10
Pipeworks StudioEugeneTerrariaPC/Consoles11-50
Zynga EugeneEugeneFamily Game Night 4, Akimi VillagePC/Consoles?