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Video Game Companies in Las Vegas

Vegas is found in Nevada, and it is the biggest town within the Mojave Desert. Las Vegas leads Nevada  financially, culturally and commercially. The area coverage of the city is 367.4 KMs squared with a  population of 655,000 people. There are seven game companies in this city boasting some of the best  game developers. The games are played on consoles, mobile devices, tools or casinos. 


Las Vegas has a hot climate because it is situated in a Desert. Therefore, the city’s weather is sunny  almost throughout the year, and that’s why tourists are always flocking to it. However, the climate  changes in June, July and August because that is the summer season. The temperature gets to the highs  of 45 degrees during the day. However, the humidity remains low, and therefore there is no much  discomfort. The autumn season is between September and November, while spring comes from march  to May. Both seasons are favorable. On the other hand, winter comes with cold, but you hardly notice the snow. 

Cost of Living 

Las Vegas is not an expensive city. The cost of living covers housing, food, healthcare, utilities and  transportation. Some of these costs might be high based on a person, like the amount of rent varies  depending on where you choose to live. For example, the average rent for a one –bedroom house is $  750, while you can get a two-bedroom at $ 905. These housing costs are generally below the national  average. Food in Las Vegas is costly, more so if you decide to get it from a restaurant. This is because of  the large number of tourists in the city. Buying groceries and cooking for yourself is way much cheaper.  In addition, healthcare is affordable compared to Nevada and other towns in the state. 


Once you decide to live in Las Vegas, entertainment and adventure will become part of you. The city is  full of life. There is an incredible setup for outdoor activities in Vegas, including mountain biking, rock  climbing and hiking. In addition, the city boasts seven national parks which are not far from each other  and therefore you can have a great time of exploration. Food is in plenty and available in many options.  You will hardly lack something to bite. The city has some of the best chefs and dining scenes. 


Traveling in Vegas is easy because the roads are good. The transport options in the town include taxis,  buses, Uber and the Las Vegas Monorail, which is a train. However, the best transport mode depends on  budget, needs and location.  

Jobs to Apply For As Listed By Gamesmith 

• Associate product manager 
• Game economic designer 
• Senior VFX artist 
• Brand director
• Project director 
• Graphics programmer 
• Experience level designer 
• Associate product manager 
• Lead principal program manager 
• Lead software engineer for Minecraft 

There are also other internship positions, and they are mentioned on the companies’ websites.

2K VegasLas VegasQA for 2K GamesQA11-503
JV GamesLas VegasFRIENDS & SECRETS, Beer Pong, Dart Rage, JAMES BOND 007 – NIGHTFIREGames11-500
Konami GamingLas VegasSlot MachinesCasino201-5007
Machine ZoneLas Vegas?Tools?1
Petroglyph GamesLas VegasBattle for Graxia, Gem PhrasePC/Consoles11-50?