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Video Game Companies in Orlando

Orlando is located in the Florida state in America. It is a large metropolitan city with a significant  population. Orlando is also referred to as the city beautiful, and it’s a hotspot for tourists. Game  developers own several shops in the town. The studios have managed to come up with some of the most  successful projects in America. Gamesmith has identified eight companies in the city and highlighted the  job opportunities in them. 


The city has a humid subtropical climate. The hurricane season comes in June and stays up to November.  It gets disastrous during this time, and the residents have to stick to the safety guidelines of hurricanes  and thunderstorms. December, January and February are the winter months, and they come with a  suitable temperature. There is usually high humidity, although the rain is limited. The spring season in  Orlando is known for warm climates. However, with time, humidity rises, and it starts raining. March is  the onset of spring, and it goes up to May. Temperatures climb to 90 degrees in June, and you will know  that summer has begun. However, they fall to 70 degrees at night. There is also high humidity, and you will notice some steam around. 

Cost of Living 

The cost of living in Orlando is lower than the national average by 2%, and therefore you can afford to  live in this city. Compared to the national average, the cost of housing is also lower by 11%, and  therefore you can rent a house monthly at $ 994. When you add the utility bills, the amount can go to $ 1800. On the other hand, groceries exceed the national average, and you can spend $ 18 in a day for food. Healthcare cost is also affordable.


Orlando is a night town with a lot of nightclubs where partying and music take place. Both the residents  and tourists get soaked in beer, and you will like the merry that goes around. Food is incredible, more so  the meat. The people of Orlando like chicken more and therefore you will find it served in every  restaurant. Legoland, Florida, which sits on 145 acres, is a place full of activities, and therefore your family will never miss out on the fun. Generally, life in Orlando is good, and the residents are warm and happy. If you are lucky to be hired at any of the companies, you will find it easy to adapt to the city.


Orlando is well connected, and therefore it is easy to get around. When it comes to transport, you have  several options to go for. However, the means of transportation you choose will depend on your needs,  budget and location. The methods of transport include I-Ride Trolley, taxis, shuttle and bus services, rent  a car, among others. 


There are good schools in Orlando. However, their rating is based on equity and performance, among  other aspects. Whether public or private, most of these schools have transport means and therefore  your kid can’t be stranded. The education system is divided into the Elementary, middle and High school  levels. 

Jobs on Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 

• Lead 3D artist 
• Senior graphics programmer 
• Senior game programmer 
• Engine build master 
• Senior narrative designer 
• Network programmer 
• Regular technical designer 
• Learning and development manager. 

EA TiburonMaitlandMadden NFL, NBA Live, PGAPC/Consoles201-500
Firebrand GamesMerritt IslandNASCAR Unleashed, Cars 2PC/Consoles?
Glu OrlandoOrlando?Mobile11-50
Iron Galaxy StudiosOrlandoKiller InstinctPC/Consoles11-50
MetalPopOrlandoBeer Defense ForcePC/Consoles1-10
ootiiOrlandoQuibbles, Relic BallMobile1-10
Steamroller StudiosOrlandoDeadwood: The Forgotten CursePC/Consoles11-50
Third Time GamesOrlandoPhoto FinishMobile1-10