Video Game Companies in Orlando

Orlando was once primarily known for being home to EA Tiburon, but that reality has changed over the last few years. Several new developers have set up shop in Central Florida, and those studios benefit from a steady influx of talent thanks to game development programs at schools like Full Sail and FIEA.

EA TiburonMaitlandMadden NFL, NBA Live, PGAPC/Consoles201-500
Firebrand GamesMerritt IslandNASCAR Unleashed, Cars 2PC/Consoles?
Glu OrlandoOrlando?Mobile11-50
Iron Galaxy StudiosOrlandoKiller InstinctPC/Consoles11-50
MetalPopOrlandoBeer Defense ForcePC/Consoles1-10
ootiiOrlandoQuibbles, Relic BallMobile1-10
Steamroller StudiosOrlandoDeadwood: The Forgotten CursePC/Consoles11-50
Third Time GamesOrlandoPhoto FinishMobile1-10