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Video Game Companies in Portland

Portland is located in Oregon state, and it is extensive and highly populated. The city is an important port in the pacific northwest and has seven commissioners overseeing the city’s functioning. The town has  three areas of operation, including maritime trade, aviation and the development of land. The video  game development in Portland has continued to grow to higher scales. The city is home to 10 game companies, and Gamesmith has identified several job positions that you can apply for. And if luck is on  your side, you get to work in the Pacific Northwest City.Weather 
Portland experiences short summers with warm and dry days with little rainfall.

The weather hardly gets too hot, and therefore you can engage in outdoor activities. June, July and August are the summer season. Rains signify spring, and you will notice the cheery trees booming with their flowers, making the port look amazing. However, the rain levels don’t go to the extreme. The fall season is unpredictable. It could be hot today, and tomorrow it’s raining.

However, the weather is moderate and has no thunderstorms or hurricanes. December is the genesis of winter, extending to February. The winter days are cold and snowy, and most people prefer staying indoors after work.

Cost of Living 

Portland’s cost of living exceeds the national average by 29%, with the housing cost at 79% above the  norm. Renting a house in this city will cost you $ 1945, exclusive of the utility bills. The cost of food and  groceries in a month is estimated to be $ 140 per month. A visit to the doctor might cost you $50.  However, these expenses depend on your needs and lifestyle. 


Friendly and warm people in Portland will meet you in this city. The locals pay much attention to the  environment, and you will notice that they recycle almost everything. Conservation of resources and  water is taken seriously here. Art and music is a simple definition of Portland. The locals live their lives to  the best and enjoy taking beer and coffee. Food is always available, with vendors busy all over the  streets. Portlanders are known for biking, and most of them hardly use cars. In addition, people in this  town like dressing casually and always create some time to enjoy after work. In addition, the city has  several options when it comes to outdoor activities. They are hiking trails, fishing, and windsurfing,  among others. Generally, the town is full of life and activities. 


It is easy to get around Portland. You can connect from downtown to the suburbs using buses, cars or  the commuter rail. Moreover, you can also walk or use a bike. There is also the option of air travel in case  you are going to distant places. 


Children of all ages have an education opportunity in Portland with a wide range of options for education  in the city. You can choose the public, private or charter schools. Generally, it is an excellent place to  have your children learn. 

Job Opportunities As Listed By Gamesmith 

• Market research analyst 
• Senior games systems designer 
• Network programmer 
• Experienced level designer 
• Backend programmer 
• Gameplay programmer 
• Head of branding communication

ClutchPlay GamesPortlandSkullduggery!Mobile1-10
FullbrightPortlandTacoma, Gone HomePC/Consoles11-50
Jumpdrive StudiosPortlandXOPC/Consoles1-10
KongregatePortlandKongregate PlatformPublisher1-10
Nami TentouPortlandPING 1.5+PC/Consoles1-10
Night & Day StudiosPortlandPeekaboo BarnMobile11-50
Nightdive StudiosVancouver, WASystem ShockPC/Consoles11-50
Ready at DawnPortlandLone EchoPC/Consoles1-10
Rose City GamesPortlandThe World Next DoorPC/Consoles1-10
SleepNinjaPortlandMonsters Ate My Birthday CakeMobile1-10
SuperGeniusPortlandOverwatch, Broken AgeContract Services11-50
Truly Social GamesPortlandPlanet Gold RushMobile1-10