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Video Game Companies in Quebec City

This city is found in central Canada, and it borders Ontario. It covers an area of 1,534 KM squared and  has a significant population. The city has been gradually growing in game development. It currently has  ten game companies with notable projects. Most of these companies have invested in big studios, and it  will be an honor to work with them through the kind gesture of Gamesmith. 

During summer, the weather in Quebec is warm and comfortable. It is also favorable for outdoor  activities. On the other hand, the winter season comes with cold and snow, and therefore you must be  well armed with warm clothes. However, there is varying temperature, but it rarely goes above 6  degrees. 

Cost of Living  

When moving to a new place, it is wise to know how much you will be spending. Quebec City is among  the cheapest cities in North America. In an average area, you can $ 907 as rent per month. The utility  bills will cost you $ 100, while food and groceries in a month might total to $ 135 if you have a family. 


There are several cultural groups in Quebec, with the French culture having the most significant impact.  You will notice it in the cuisines, music and architecture. Both French and English people enjoy French  delicacies. The roads are friendly and will share anything, including meals. They also like coffee and beer.  In addition, the city is full of respectful people. 


Moving around Quebec is easy thanks to the excellent road networks. There are many options for  transport, but they narrow down to your needs and location. You can use the local bus network, which is  excellent and affordable. Some trains connect Quebec to other cities and parts of Canada. Those who are  traveling long distances use bus networks whose operation is hourly. 


Education is a significant factor to consider if you are moving to a new place with your kids. The  education system in Quebec is divided into four levels. First, a child must get education in Quebec. There  are private, and public schools and both offer French and English classes. 

Jobs on Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 

• Learning and development manager 
• Senior product analyst 
• Data scientist 
• Operations associate 
• Recruitment manager 
• Associate graphics programmer 
• Site reliability engineer 

More jobs are listed on the company’s website.

BeenoxQuébec CityCall of Duty, SkylandersPC/Consoles51-200
Berzerk StudioQuébec CityJust Shapes & Beats, ZombidlePC/Consoles, Mobile1-10
BKOM StudiosQuébec CityTomb of AnnihilationPC/Consoles, Mobile51-200
Chainsawesome GamesQuébec CityAfterchargePC/Consoles1-10
Gearbox Studio QuébecQuébec CityBorderlandsPC/Consoles51-200
Nine Dots StudioQuébec CityOutward, BrandPC/Consoles1-10
SarbakanQuébec CityGoldfish Go-KartsPC/Consoles, Mobile51-200
Ubisoft QuébecQuébec CityAssassin’s CreedPC/Consoles201-500
Yellow Brick GamesQuébec City?PC/Consoles11-50