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Video Game Companies in Raleigh

Raleigh is commonly known as an oak city because it has many oak trees. It is the capital city of North Carolina in the USA. The city has been growing rapidly in the recent past, and the game industry has not been leK out in the growth trend. This is more so because of the many technology companies around. There are 15 game companies in the city with the best game developers. According to Gamesmith’s research, these companies have got several job positions to offer, and you could be interested in any of them.


Raleigh has four seasons and experiences mild weather. The temperatures during the spring season are average, and they range between 70 and 80 degrees. Summers in Raleigh come with high humidity and heat, and you need to stay hydrated all through.

On the other hand, the Fall has moderate temperatures, more so in the morning and evening. Winter is the fourth season, and it brings cold and snow.

Cost of Living

Raleigh’s cost of living is below the national average by 5%. Housing cost is a bit lower by 30%, but you can get a house at $ 760 per month. When you include the cost of u6li6es, gas and phone, the amount gets to roughly $2 500. In addi6on, you can spend $ 14 on food and groceries in a day. However, these costs are not fixed. Some6mes they can be high or low.


The residents of this city are friendly, educated and diverse. They also believe in maintaining strong community bonds.

The environment is clean and has many trees and open spaces. In addi6on, there are many nightclubs and bars where residents go to unwind as they listen to live music. You can also get to experience mountain or beach trips. The Carolina beach is the nearest to town.
Also, Raleigh has many parks, museums and trails where you can spend your weekend as you ponder how the gaming week has been. If you are a food-loving person, then you will perfectly fit in this city.


This Oak city has many transport options. The well-built highways and transport systems make Raleigh easily accessible. You can use a car, buses, train or air depending on where you are going. Some people also prefer using bikes.


Moving to Raleigh will present your kids with an opportunity to get the best educa6on. You will get both public and private schools in the city. In addi6on, students are given the necessary support to ensure they excel academically.Jobs on Offer As Listed By Gamesmith

•Senior VFX artist
•Market research analyst
•Level designer
•3D environment artist
•3D character artist
•Engine build master
•Senior narrative designer

The requirements for these posi6ons are also stated on the website.

BitMonster GamesCaryGRAV, LiliPC/Consoles, Mobile1-10
Elephant MouseCaryStar Trek: RivalsMobile?
Epic GamesCaryUnreal Engine, FortnitePC/Consoles, Tools500+
FuncomDurhamSecret World Legends, Age of ConanPC/Consoles11-50
iMagic GamesCaryM4 Tank Brigade, WarBirdsPC/Consoles11-50
Imangi StudiosRaleighTemple RunPC/Consoles, Mobile11-50
Insomniac GamesDurhamEdge of Nowhere, Feral RightsPC/Consoles, VR/AR11-50
Mighty RabbitCaryBreach & Clear, Saturday Morning RPGPC/Consoles, Mobile1-10
Prologue GamesDurhamKnee DeepPC/Consoles1-10
Puny HumanRaleighGalacide, Blade SymphonyPC/Consoles1-10
Red Storm EntertainmentMorrisvilleThe Division, Far Cry 4PC/Consoles51-200
Spark Plug GamesCaryLost in Time: The Clockwork Tower, Puzzle Quest 2PC/Consoles, Mobile11-50
Squanch GamesRaleighAccountingVR/AR1-10
Virtual HeroesRaleighAmerica’s ArmySerious Games11-50