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Video Game Companies in Royal Leamington Spa

The game industry in Raleigh is actually spread several cities in a region known as the Research Triangle Park. The Triangle, as the area is known, is home to a large contingent of technology companies, as well as 3 major universities. Duke, UNC and NC State are all located in the region, and help provide game developers in the area with a steady stream of new talent.

CodemastersSouthamDiRT, Micro MachinesPC/Consoles?
HARDlightRoyal Leamington SpaSonic Forces: Speed BattleMobile11-50
KwaleeRoyal Leamington SpaTens!, Time MonkeysMobile11-50
Modern DreamRoyal Leamington SpaDragon Putt, LA CopsPC/Consoles, Mobile1-10
Playground GamesRoyal Leamington SpaForza Horizon 3 Hot WheelsPC/Consoles51-200
Ubisoft LeamingtonRoyal Leamington SpaThe DivisionPC/Consoles11-50
Unit 2 GamesRoyal Leamington Spa?PC/Consoles11-50