Video Game Companies in Salt Lake City

At one time, Salt Lake City was home to studios like EA and Disney. Some of the bigger players have left town, but Salt Lake City still features an eclectic mix of game development studios.

Big Finish GamesSalt Lake CityRita James and the Race to Shangri La, Escape from Thunder IslandPC/Consoles?
Chair Entertainment – EpicSouth JordanInfinity BladeMobile11-50
NinjaBeeOremA Kingdom for Keflings, Outpost KalokiPC/Consoles?
React GamesSalt Lake CitySuper Dungeon Bros., ArchonMobile11-50
Silverlode InteractiveSalt Lake CitySaga, Saga TacticsPC/Consoles11-50
The VOIDLindonStar Wars Secrets of the EmpireVR/AR51-200
Wahoo StudiosOremFamily Game Night 4, Akimi VillagePC/Consoles11-50
WB Games | AvalancheSalt Lake CityCars 3PC/Consoles51-200
WildWorksSalt Lake CityAnimal Jam, Sky LegendsPC/Consoles11-50