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Video Game Companies in Seattle

Seattle is in Washington Northwest of USA, and it’s a seaport city. It is the largest city in Northern  America and covers an area of 368 KM squared. Seattle has some of the biggest game companies and  top-notch game developers. The city is home to over 50 game companies. The quality of the games produced in these companies is uncompromising.


Seattle has a Mediterranean climate. It would help if you had the proper attire for summers because  they are usually hot and dry. Winters in this city are cold and wet. The average temperature within the  year is between 19 to 36 degrees. The warm season is between June and September, while November to  March is the coldest time in the city. 

Cost of living 

Seattle is among the most expensive cities in Northern America, with the cost of living exceeding the  national average by 49%. You will pay around$ 2100 for a rental house without the expense of utility  bills. On the other hand, food and groceries will cost you at least $ 17 a day. However, the cost of  healthcare is pretty cheap compared to other cities. 


Seattle is an excellent town to move to. It is clean and evergreen. The city has over 95 neighborhoods,  and therefore you will always get a place to live. Most people in Seattle are immigrants, and  consequently, the town has different cultures. It has numerous opportunities for recreation and fun. The museums are suitable for both adults and children. Some of the best museums you can visit are The  museum of flight, the Seattle Aquarium, and the pacific science Centre. 
On the other hand, Seattle has much to offer when it comes to entertainment and dining. The  restaurants have savory foods that will leave you wanting to return the next day. Also, you will get the  best collection of wines and make your evenings calm. There are also a lot of festivities throughout the year. 


Seattle has the same means of transport available in other American cities. You will find public  transportation in every street with the buses linking the city to other regions. In addition, there are taxis  and car rentals. You can also choose to ride a bike or walk to work. 


Seattle people take education seriously, and therefore your child will be at the right place. The city has  over 500 schools, both private and public. There are also universities and colleges, and therefore your  child can have a complete education system. 

Jobs on Offer As Listed By Gamesmith 

• Senior environment artist 
• Brand director 
• Market research analyst 
• Senior technical programmer
• 3D character artist 

17-BitSeattleGALAK-ZPC/Consoles, Mobile1-10
343 IndustriesKirklandHaloPC/Consoles201-500
5th CellBellevueHybrid, ScribblenautsPC/Consoles1-10
AccelByteSeattlePublishing PlatformTools11-50
Amazon Game StudiosSeattleLumberyard EngineTools1-10
ArenaNetBellevueGuild WarsPC201-500
Big Fish GamesSeattleMidcore/F2P Casual Mobile TitlesMobile201-500
Bossa StudiosSeattleSurgeon Simulator, I Am BreadPC/Consoles1-10
CamouflajBellevueRépubliquePC/Consoles, VR/AR11-50
Carbon GamesBellevueAirMechPC/Consoles, VR/AR1-10
Cascade Game FoundrySeattleInfinite ScubaPC/Consoles11-50
Cat Daddy GamesKirklandCarnival GamesPC/Consoles11-50
City State EntertainmentKirklandCamelot UnchainedPC/Consoles1-10
Crystal NorthwestBellevueAvengersPC/Consoles1-10
Digital EelKirlandData Jammers, Soup du JourPC/Consoles, Mobile1-10
DoubleBear ProductionsSeattleDead StatePC/Consoles1-10
DoubleDown InteractiveSeattleMobile Casino GamesCasino51-200
Drifter EntertainmentSeattleGunheartVR/AR11-50
En Masse EntertainmentSeattleTERA (Publishing)Publishing51-200
Endeavor OneSeattleHalo RecruitVR/AR1-10
Epic Games SeattleBellevueToolsTools1-10
Fat Loot GamesSeattleSoul Locus, Monster StackerPC/Consoles1-10
Final Strike GamesBellevuePC/Consoles11-50
FlowPlaySeattleourWorld, downWorldWeb11-50
Fun BitsSeattleEscape PlanPC/Consoles11-50
Giant Enemy CrabSeattleDue ProcessPC/Consoles11-50
Hardsuit LabsSeattleBlacklight RetributionPC/Consoles11-50
Harebrained SchemesSeattleBATTLETECHPC/Consoles11-50
Her InteractiveSeattleNancy Drew, Hardy BoysPC/Consoles11-50
Hidden Path EntertainmentBellevueBrass Tactics, WitchbloodPC/Consoles11-50
Highwire GamesSeattleGolemPC/Consoles, VR/AR1-10
HipSoftRedmondShop it Up, Build-a-lotPC/Consoles1-10
HoloSparkBellevueEarthfallPC/Consoles, VR/AR11-50
IllFonicTacomaFriday the 13thPC/Consoles1-10
Leaftail LabsSeattle??1-10
Linden LabSeattleSansar, Second LifeVR/AR1-10
MicrosoftRedmondXboxCorporate Headquarters500+
Midwinter EntertainmentSeattleScavengersPC/Consoles11-50
MonolithKirklandMiddle Earth: Shadow of WarPC/Consoles51-200
Monster SquadSeattle?PC/Consoles1-10
NCsoft WestSeattleOperationsOperations1-10
NianticBellevuePokemon GoVR/AR1-10
Nintendo of AmericaRedmondNorth American OperationsOperations500+
No GoblinSeattleRoundaboutPC/Consoles1-10
Oculus SeattleSeattleOculus RiftVR/AR1-10
Outerloop GamesSeattleFalcon AgePC/Consoles, VR/AR1-10
PopCap GamesSeattlePlants vs. ZombiesPC/Consoles201-500
Probably MonstersIssaquah?PC/Consoles51-200
Rec RoomSeattleRec RoomAR/VR11-50
Signal StudiosBothellToy SoldiersPC/Consoles11-50
Spiderweb SoftwareSeattleAvernum, AvadonPC/Consoles1-10
Spry FoxJuanitaRoad Not Taken, AlphabearPC/Consoles, Mobile1-10
StoicSeattleThe Banner SagaPC/Consoles1-10
Strange Loop GamesSeattleVesselPC/Consoles1-10
Stray BombaySeattle?PC/Consoles1-10
Studio WildcardSeattleArkPC/Consoles11-50
Sucker Punch ProductionsBellevueInfamous, Sly CooperPC/Consoles51-200
System Era SoftworksSeattleAstroneerPC/Consoles11-50
Turn 10 StudiosRedmondForza MotorsportPC/Consoles51-200
Uber EntertainmentKirklandPlanetary AnnihialtionPC/Consoles11-50
Undead LabsSeattleState of DecayPC/Consoles51-200
UnityBellevueUnity EngineTools201-500
Valkyrie EntertainmentSeattleCrackdown (contract), Infamous 2 (contract)Contract Art Services11-50
V1 InteractiveSeattle??11-50
ValveBellevueHalf-Life, Portal, SteamPC/Consoles201-500
Wild TangentRedmondCasual Game PortalWeb1-10
Wizards of the CoastRentonMagic: The Gathering, Dungeons and DragonsTable Top, PC/Consoles51-200
Z2LiveSeattleBattle Nations, Trade NationsMobile11-50
ZhurosoftSeattleKingdoms of ZeniaMobile1-10