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Game Credits are your best friend

In today’s competitive job market, standing out from your competition and showcasing your abilities is more important than ever before. For many in the gaming industry, receiving credit for your hard work and contributions trumps even monetary compensation. Reputation is everything and so are your game credits.

Studios Actively Remove Makers From The Credits

There have been mountains of allegations (most proven true) over the last decade of publishers and studios bullying workers into unfair positions or salaries with the prospect of altered credits on games they have worked on. Not only can they decide your title and level of importance, they can remove you from the credits altogether. 

As the saying goes, “you’re only as good as your latest game”. This is a regrettable truth with an industry in which the same individuals who decide your workload and responsibilities also get to decide what credits, if any, you receive. 

While these systemic crediting failures are direct violations of IGDA’s game crediting guidelines, companies most recently including XSEED have scoffed at these guidelines with little more than short-lived community backlash. 

Studios Use Unfair Justifications For Credit Removal

The most typical reason studios give for omitting a contributor from their credits is that the individual left the company before the game shipped. This can be for any reason- medical issues, familial obligations, etc. It’s almost a punishment for leaving the studio, which can be especially infuriating if that studio’s crunch culture was absolutely unbearable. Third party contributors are also left out altogether with no specific reason given. This is especially alarming as we see a major uptick in outsourcing as the gaming industry continues to explode. The best these smaller studios can hope for in many scenarios is a cursory mention of their studio name without the single mention of an individual within the company. 

No matter the justification for this sort of behavior, it is fundamentally and ethically wrong. So what is being done to address these gross infringements of creative rights?

Put an end to this by getting your game credits on Gamesmith!

A culture change is happening with some studios, including Rockstar North which made waves for their crunch culture following the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. They aimed to improve the health and care of their employees which included a more consistent crediting. The industry has been reluctant to formally unionize, and established unions do not fit all the disciplines such as AFTRA being aimed on the art side, but not the engineering etc. The IGDA, have made good efforts with white papers outlining standards but suffer from having real impact on enforcement, with a need to have studios contribute membership dues they do not admonish studios willfully ignoring crediting guidelines. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a place to share your professional experience that will allow you to claim credit for the work you’ve done, our site is a great place for you. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that everyone who works on a game is given due credit for their creative input. We’ve even been recognized as an official crediting platform by the IGDA!

We use a revolutionary peer-to-peer crediting process that establishes legitimacy and transparency in game crediting. You and your team can verify each other’s roles in a game’s creation (even if you worked as a third party!) which creates a self-sustaining ecosystem that fosters cooperation and shared prosperity. We don’t allow studios to verify or dispute credits for their games on our platform, meaning that your creative contributions will be safely documented without repercussions or removals. Even if the game you are working on gets cancelled, you should still have the right to claim your work just as you would with a shipped product. We make it happen.

And we know at the end of the day that what we do doesn’t fix the larger systemic issues within the industry, but we know studios would be nothing without the talented makers behind the games. You did the work. You deserve the credit. And we’re here to give the power to the Maker. Pow!

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